Mic issue on MAX10

  • Hi all,

    I have a weird issue with the microphone on my MAX10.

    Sometimes when I start the car the mic just doesn't work on calls, voice search etc. Restarting the car (and head unit) fixes the issue.

    I've noticed than when this happens, if I launch Zlink, this message will appear:

    "In order to use voice recognition normally, please close the voice assistant wake-up function"

    What does it mean and how can I fix this issue?

    I have 'Ok, Google' detection on, if that's somehow relevant.


  • What Firmware are you using?

    Have you tried to install the latest frmware available for your unit?

  • Oleg,

    I saw a thread similar to this on the XDA forums, the problem is indeed the 'ok google' detection, I believe if you disable that the problem will be resolved.

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