Wifi & Bluetooth connection Issues

  • I have PX6-HA5393-MAX10-CP updated with the VIVID10. Loving everything about that. However I purchased a Cobra SC201 dash cam with Bluetooth 5.0 and dual band 2.4ghz & 5 ghz wifi and my head unit cannot recognize either of the dash cams Bluetooth or wifi networks to connect. I have included a video below of another Android head unit with connected dash cam. I would like to do the same Dasaita.

    Also is there a way to disable Bluetooth pin so devices like game controllers or obd2 devices without the ability to respond can connect.....anyone?


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    @L Smith

    about the DVR watch on headunit , you need install the wifi app on the headunit first  . use the headunit wifi connect to the DVR wifi hotspot  . 

    about the bluetooth , can not disable the pin ,  but after the first time prepare the bluetooth OBD , the second time is connect automaticaly 

  • @Quick Yuan...maybe I wasn't clear in my explanation of the wifi connection issue I am having with the Dasaita head unit and 3rd party Cobra SC201 dash camera. It is not being recognized in the head units wifi selection. I am not  nor do I want to use  Dasaita's DVR. The dash camera is dual 2.4ghz 5ghz wifi. Why can't the Dasaita Head unit see the dash camera's wifi. I see the dash camera's wifi on several other devices, not on the head unit. I have the required Drive Smarter app installed on the Head unit and I get dash cam  out of range error because it's not connected to Dasaita's head unit wifi.

  • @Quick Yuan send me the link to this "wifi app" you are referencing...I do not understand. I am using required Drive Smarter app for the Cobra Dash cam and it is installed on the Dasaita head unit. I am  getting dash cam out of range error when I open the app because the head unit is not connected to the dash cams wifi...because once again it can't see the network...why?

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    @L Smith hi if the app can install and can see the dash cam's wifi  .  it should work  .   if the unit connect to the dash cam's wifi   . the unit can not use internet

  • @Quick Yuan again the Dasaita head unit's wifi does not see the Cobra Dash cams wifi network. I can see the dash cam's wifi on my other devices, but not Dasaita's. The Dasaita should be able to see it agreed but it does not, my guess is there is a problem with the head unit's wifi and not the Cobra Dash cam. Why do you pretend not to understand with the same repetitive and obvious questions and give me some answers as to why the Dasaita's head unit cannot see the dash cams network when all my other devices can. 

    Yes, I know I will loose internet connection if the unit connects to the dash cams wifi. I have your gps system that should still work without internet. And music is stored on head unit. No problem for me.

    What is a problem is that I feel I'm getting the run around from your technicians, instead of fixing issues that should work with 3rd Party wifi, they are trying to sell me stuff I don't want. Again I have video of other Android head units (Eonon) that work with 3rd party dash cams why not yours? This will factor into my decision the next time I'm want to purchase an Android unit for sure.





    @Quick Yuan ...as you can see my laptop can see and connect to the Cobra Dash cam as it is also dual 2.4ghz/5ghz wifi. I would expect the same according to Dasaita's claim that the head units you sell are also dual wifi.



  • @Quick Yuan...why do you insist on pretending the Drive Smarter app is needed to connect the Dash Camera to the head unit when my laptop can see and connect to the dash cam with no app installed. Your head unit should be able to see it first...then you should be able to select to connect...then you can use the app ID10Ts...it works just like this video for Eonon head unit connected to a 3rd Party dash cam below...






  • @Quick Yuan ......I have screen shot of RealTek firmware installed on my unit....I searched on RealTek site for "rtl8761bt_fw"(no longer supported?), "rtl8821cs_fw" and "rtl8822cs_fw" and it appears that they are not dual wifi and Bluetooth 5.0 but rather 2.4 ghz & BT 4.2....can you confirm. Last modified was "2008", are there any updates? Please can you confirm?

  • @Quick Yuan....so with the Cobra SC201 having both dual wifi (2.4 ghz & 5.0 ghz) & Bluetooth (5.0 & 4.2) your 2.4 ghz & 5.0 BT head unit should be able to see both of the Cobra SC201's wifi & bluetooth networks...but it can't see either of the dashcams networks.







  • Dasaita really need to sort out their tech support.  I spent a lot of money on my head unit, and this is typical of their response :(

    Sorry for your troubles L Smith - hope you can get your issue resolved soon.

  • @Mr Pink I ended up buying this. Working really well with my unit so far. It's a must have as far as I am concerned for head units with crippled wifi & Bluetooth.


  • @L Smith

    The Bluetooth (at least) is not controlled by android, but by the mcu....so it is limited to which devices to be connected...there are problems connecting some ble devices.

    Bit the wifi is not limited (as far as I know) perhaps is a not known issue about some frequency ranges in which your camera is broadcasting wifi that are not supported.

    Several years ago there was a similar issue on some Android phones with dual wifi antennas not receiving 5ghz wifi signal due to the region of the phone (some regions limit the frequency range)

    I think your issue is not a full dasaita fault....

    Looking at your camera specifications it seems that you have not to connect manually the wifi to the camera...it is controlled depending on the purpose of the wifi by the Bluetooth of the camera...so you MUST to connect bluetooth first.

    As you pointed bluetooth was never discoverable or you could not connect it by bluetooth....which points it on the first paragraph of this post....bluetooth is controlled by MCU and dasaita warns regarding compatibility of bluetooth devices to the headunit...perhaps you never noticed that.

    Anyway you can not expect a full support (withou knowing from.which side is the issue) with the rudeness of your attitude you shown

  • @Iker Gomez ...that is useful information. Would have been more useful a month ago when I reached out to you directly before Dasaita support gave me a bad attitude with intelligence insulting blowoff respones after waiting days.

    Once I figured out I wasn't going to get the "full" support I needed, I researched other forums regarding Dasaita head unit issues, discovered the same issues you mentioned and purchased the AI box.

    Credit to Dasaita's wired Carplay configuration, I plugged in the AI box and was able to connect my dashcam and BT game controller (no issues) because the AI box is "fully" Android and "fully" dual Bluetooth & wifi.That being said it is "fully" a Dasaita issue and anyone that thinks otherwise is full of it. 😉

  • @L Smith I am glad you found a solution for your car , but the AI box is a completely differnet product than a Headunit.

    the AI box relies on the stock headunit and uses the display to add features.

    Headunit is more focused on older cars or on new cars but in which Car&Headunit communicates for specific functionalities be kept

    I know there are things to be better....the bluetooth i think should be untied from MCU like it was on Intel Sofia product from Dasaita. ... I think thay have theri reasons to do that, probably to control their other products (TPMS, etc) to work as expected as an ecosystem.

  • @Iker Gomez ...yes, I know they are different products and I also understand that this is a common issue with other branded head units. I purchased the AI box for that reason, that it can connect to the head unit and provide the "features" of a less restrictive Android system with non-crippled dual BT and Wifi. Sim & SD card support along with built in gps was icing on the cake.

    However there are exceptions....where the networks are not so crippled on other branded head units. This is one scenario of how the exceptional brands are distinguished from average brands. Decent radio reception would be another for example.

    I trusted Dasaita was an exceptional brand which is why I purchased their head unit.

    I have no issue with you only with the support I have recently been receiving and maybe you are taking my criticism of Dasaita's support too personal. 

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