Toyota C-HR 2017 (EU) - Connection to factory USB socket

  • I have Toyota C-HR 2017 and a Dasaita HA5462-Vivid10-CP-HD.

    I'd like to connect the head unit to the factory fitted USB socket.  There was no cable in the box for doing this, so am I missing a cable or missing something else?  There were a couple of other USB cables (one with an audio in) but nothing fits....?

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    @Mr Pink 

    please  check if the USB adapter connect correctly 

  • Thanks for the reply ­čĹŹ

    I think I have that adaptor in the box.  I'll go and re-check the cables in the dashboard of my car.



  • @Quick Yuan the Dasaita cable doesn't fit the C-HR original usb. The C-HR original usb plug is smaller. How can I get the good one ? 

  • I agree, and confirm the Dasaita supplied plug does not fit in my 2017 CHR either :(

    @Quick Yuan - I think Dasaita need to look into this and provide the correct plug/cable.

  • From my car:

  • @Quick Yuan Please reply - how are Dasaita going to fix this issue?  It seems at least 2 of us have an incompatible cable supplied :(

  • The connecting cable is in the GPS module, you have already seen it disassembled when you see the dasaita installed.

  • @Quick Yuan Please reply. How can we connect our head unit to factory USB socket?  I've asked here many times, and I've emailed you many times - when will you answer? 

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