2012 Camry with Max10

  • I installed a front camera in my 2012 Toyota camry. I have the max10 unit. The front camera works and the backup camera works. When I activate F-CAM it brings up the font camera. When i try to switch between the front and back cameras, I get the yellow exclamation sign for the back camera. When I put in reverse, the back camera works, then switches to front camera when i put the car in drive. Why can't I switch between front and back cameras when using the F-Cam feature?


  • Your backup camera is likely wired in to be powered by your reverse lamps. Thus the camera only has power to it when your car is in reverse so it cannot be displayed while you are not in reverse.


    You could power the reverse camera from ACC (when the key is on) giving it full time power. You would still need a line to run from the reverse light system to the reverse trigger on the head unit so that it displays automatically when you put the car in reverse though.

    I hope that is a clear enough description. 

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