Bluetooth support for non-phone/OBD devices

  • Hello,

    I have a MAX10 device (rk3399, Android 10, with latest SW as of writing this post, i.e FW: HA3_rk3399_10.0_ota(20220824) , latest MTCE MCU 3.78).

    My device can only connect to my phone and to OBD devices via Bluetooth but it is unable to detect other BT devices, like the BT LED strip in the car. Other non-phone and OBD devices are also not detected. It seems it is a limitation of the OS or the hardware. I am tending towards a limitation in the OS (driver issue probably?).

    I have tried connecting an external BT dongle via USB, but without luck. If there is a workaround, could you advise me what kinf of USB BT Dongle might work?

    I would appreciate any solutions!



  • @James Port Bluetooth is controlled by MCU so...only supported devices will work

  • I use a Telenor dongle supplied by Dasaita and it connects via Ethernet very quickly having WiFi in my unit, I agree with Ikerg that other dongles will not work since they must be missing a driver.

  • @Iker Gomez Do I get that right, that the MCU is an RK3399 processor? I understand that rk3399 supports Bluetooth. Any clues what system-level files could be edited/changed to improve Bluetooth support? 

  • @José Guillermo Huertas Lancheros Can you please clarify how you connect via Ethernet? My MAx10 does not have Ethernet port - or am I missing something? I already have WIFI working. I am just missing a fully functional Bluetooth. I am not sure why Dasaita would release a product with half-functioning Bluetooth capabilities.

  • @James Port , Sorry for the delay in responding, when you place your modem in any USB port of your unit, automatically in /Settings/Networks and Internet/Ethernet: all the modem features will appear, you should not do anything else.

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