Dasaita 4" LCD Dash Cam Front 2160P Rear 1080P IMX335 Chips 170° Wide Angle Built-in WiFi GPS Car Dashboard Dual Camera Recorder HDR Night Vision DAS-X9s

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【Real 2160P+1080P Dual Dash Cam】The DAS-X9s 4K dual dash camera offers cinematic 4K (3840*2160@30fps)in the front and 1920P*1080P in the rear, capturing all-important license plates and road signs clearly and providing you with better-defined details.170° front camera and 140° rear len can widely recording the all-round road conditions, reducing driving accidents.

【Built in WIFI & GPS】 – The Dash Cam has built-in GPS allows you to view driving tracks and speed directly without having to purchase an additional GPS receiver.The built in WIFI allows you to seamlessly download the recorded videos to your smartphone and upload to social media platforms.(Please download APP from Package QR Code.)

【Loop Recording & G-Sensor】Seamless loop recording automatically record over the earliest file of SD card when it's full. Combined with auto gravity sensor, the front and rear dash cam will “lock” footage if a significant jolt or vehicle collision is detected. This is to ensure the recording will still be saved on the SD card and won’t be overwritten.

【24-Hour Parking Monitoring and Accident Monitoring】X9s 24-hour parking monitor works with an external power source. If someone hits your car and the G-Sensor is triggered, the camera will turn on and record a 1-minute video, then lock and save it.

Warranty:2 Years


Customer Reviews

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Dean D
Worth every cent!

The Dasaita DAS-X9s is an exceptional dual dash camera that truly delivers on its promises. With real 2160P and 1080P resolution for the front and rear cameras respectively, it captures crystal-clear footage of license plates and road signs, ensuring better-defined details for optimal safety.The built-in GPS is a convenient feature that eliminates the need for an additional receiver. Viewing driving tracks and speed is a breeze with this camera. The added WiFi capability allows for easy video download and sharing via social media, enhancing user convenience.Loop recording ensures that I never miss a moment, automatically overwriting older files on the SD card when it's full. The G-Sensor is a game-changer, automatically locking and saving footage in case of an accident or significant impact.I particularly love the 24-hour parking monitoring feature, which provides peace of mind when my car is unattended. If an impact occurs, the camera activates and records a 1-minute video, preserving crucial evidence.Overall, the Dasaita DAS-X9s has proven to be a reliable and feature-packed dash cam, perfect for any driver looking to enhance their road safety and peace of mind.

Robert Rodriguez
Great quality dash cam

I recently got the Dasaita 4" LCD Dash Cam, and it's been a fantastic addition to my car. The video quality is top-notch, with 2160P for the front and 1080P for the rear camera, giving me a clear view of the road. The IMX335 chips and 160° wide-angle lens ensure I capture every detail, even in low light, thanks to the HDR night vision.Installation was a bit challenging since it requires some mechanical knowledge and isn't wireless. But once it's set up, the built-in WiFi and GPS features are really handy. I can easily access the recordings and share them on my phone using the WiFi connection. The GPS function tracks my route and speed accurately.The dash cam's design is sleek and compact, blending well with my car's interior. The dual-camera recorder provides added security and peace of mind while driving.

It’s so good.

First the most outstanding part of this camera is the picture quality. Every detail is crystal clear. It’s very easy to install as well. I also love that you can review the recording on your smart phone. I’ve tried several other dash cams and most of them either require you to pull a SD card or have difficult poorly designed apps that leave you frustrated. This is an all around great performing camera.

John N
I was looking for a perfect 4k Camera, Well I found it.

First and foremost, the video quality is outstanding. The 4K resolution captures every detail with exceptional clarity, ensuring that no important moment goes unnoticed. The footage is crisp, vibrant, and offers a wide field of view, allowing me to monitor the entire road ahead and even the surroundings. Whether it's recording during the day or night, this dashcam consistently delivers excellent visuals, making it a reliable eyewitness in any situation.Setting up the dashcam was a breeze. The included mounting accessories and detailed instructions made it easy to securely attach the device to my car's windshield. The compact design of the dashcam ensures it doesn't obstruct my view while driving, and the adjustable angle allows me to position it perfectly for optimal recording.Dasaita, great work.

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