Dasaita Android12 Car Stereo for Toyota RAV4 2019 2020 2021 2022 Wireless Carplay & Android Auto Car Radio | Qualcomm 665 | 12.3" QLED 2K Screen | Wifi+4G LTE | 4G+64G/8+256 | DSP|GPS Navigation Head Unit | Optical Output

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Internal DAB compatible: Without Internal DAB
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Take Your Toyota RAV4 2019 2020 2021 2022 OEM Radio To a NEW LOOK

Vehicle Compatibility :

HA5901 for your Toyota RAV4 2019-2022,come with CB047 Harness;
Experience your all-new media with a beautiful 12.3-inch Capacitive Touch Screen.
Retain vehicles' factory function:Steering Wheel Control, Backup camera,360 Camera etc.Don't need to buy other cables.

Note: If your car have OEM 360 Camera function ,please choose "With OEM 360 Camera " option.

Specifications :

CPU:Qualcomm 665;4G+64G;
Resolution:12.3''QLED 1920*720 Touch Screen,Capacitive multi-touch display.
Amplifier: TDA7850 4*50W amplifier chip and optical output provides lossless transmitting of your audio;AKM7604 DSP chip delivers sound customization with 30 EQ presets.
4G LTE:4G SIM card slot,you can enjoy fast and stable internet access on the go
Bluetooth:Bluetooth Chip Qualcomm 5.0,allows for seamless connectivity with other devices,and stay connected while driving with hands-free phone calls and music streaming.


1,Wireless Carplay & Android Auto/Mirror Link
2,Android12 / Download apps from google play store, such as spotify,netflex,youtube,facebook
3,Brightness Mode,There are 3 modes including [Light],[Dark] and [Auto].
4,Full functions: HDMI Video Output/Video / Music / Radio / DSP / GPS Navigation / Wifi / BT Tethering / Internet / Split-Screen / Steering Wheel Control /RGB illumination



G12 Vivid
Series G12/Pro/Plus Vivid11
CPU Qualcomm 665 PX6
Cortex ARM Cortex-4*A73 and Cortex-4*A53 Cortex-2*A72 and Cortex-4*A53
OS Android 12 Android 11
RAM 4G/8G 4G
ROM 64G//256G 64G
Screen size 12.3 Inch 12.3 Inch
Resolution 1920*720 1280*720
Radio Chip NXP6686 NXP6686
Amplifier Chip TDA7850 TDA7850
Bluetooth Chip Qualcomm3031 Qualcomm3031
DSP Chip AKM7604 AKM7604
EQ 30 30
Optical Output X
Screen  QLED IPS
Resolutions 1920*1080 1920*1080
HDMI Output
Carplay Chips Zlink Zlink
Carplay Wireless Wired/Wireless
Android Auto Wired/Wireless Wired/Wireless
Split screen multitasking
Screen Mirroring
Steering wheel controls
Built-in RDS radio receiver
Key button color
App installation
Built-in & external mic
Package included Head unit +Harness+Tool kit: Head unit +Harness
1.Audio Output & Cam in 1.Audio Output
2.Aux in & F-Cam in 2.AUX in & Cam in
3.SIM card cable 3.Single USB
4.USB 1 4.Dual USB Cable
5.USB 2 5.GPS Ant
6.Microphone 6.Microphone
7.GPS antenna 7.WiFi Ant
8. 4G antenna 8.Power Cable
9.WIFI antenna 9.User Manual
10.Power cable 10. Canbus
11.Canbus 11.USB Adapter
12.USB adapter
13.User Manual
14.Tool Kit







Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Maureen McLeod
Great radio

Large display with beautiful optics with easy interaction
Highly recommended

A Bernier

Easy to install, 1 connection was a little bit hard to do (rear camera, illustration was not clear enough, make a mistake and slice it in 1 minute).
Hard to setup time, using time zones and country, it always come back to China time zone, finally get the write time zone after 30 minutes and I have to change the time manually.
Well, it retains driving button and hang free. If you use hand free steering button at local screen, you have to setup a Google account; in Apple CarPlay, Siri is working well. Checking for update is not easy and always tell me I have a poor network (no problem with my IPhone through my local network and 5G network, strong signal for both).
Just plug in, so far so good, time will tell. A lot to learn.


Impressive Screen: The screen of the device under review is noteworthy, likely boasting high resolution, vivid colors, and possibly a large display size. This would enhance the overall user experience, making visuals appear crisp and vibrant.

Quick Touch Response: The device exhibits rapid touch response, meaning that when you interact with the screen by tapping or swiping, the device reacts almost instantly. This attribute is crucial for smooth and efficient navigation through menus, apps, and other interface elements.

On-Screen Information Display: When adjusting settings such as the air conditioning temperature or other functions, the screen provides real-time feedback by displaying relevant information. This feature enhances user convenience and ensures that users are aware of the changes they are making without having to rely solely on physical controls or indicators.

Split Screen Feature: The device offers a split-screen feature, allowing users to view multiple applications or functions simultaneously. However, it seems that there is a limitation related to the split-screen functionality, specifically concerning the display of maps. The review suggests that an update is needed to enable a full view of maps when using the split-screen mode. This indicates that while the feature exists, there may be room for improvement in terms of its functionality and compatibility with certain applications.

Entertainment Options: One of the standout features highlighted in the review is the ability to watch YouTube and Netflix on the device. This suggests that the device supports multimedia playback, possibly through built-in apps or compatibility with third-party services. The inclusion of entertainment options adds versatility to the device, allowing users to enjoy video content during their commute or while parked.

Overall, the review paints a positive picture of the device, emphasizing its impressive screen quality, responsive touch interface, on-screen information display, multitasking capabilities through split-screen mode, and entertainment features. However, it also acknowledges a specific area for improvement related to the split-screen functionality with maps, indicating that there may be some room for enhancement in future updates.

Iain Sherrit
UK RAV4 Gen 5 Hybrid install, replacing JBL unit

HA5801-G12 installed in my 2021 RAV4 Hybrid without too many issues. I had to swap the CANBUS modules (was supplied with both RP2-TY-001 and RP5-TY-001) around to find the correct match for my car. Correct one (RP2) restored all of the steering wheel controls. External DAB+ module installed and was able, with a modified cable) to use the factory installed DAB aerial. Reversing camera needed a few tests of the settings to get it switch on when going into reverse gear. A firmware and MCU update was applied to enable the 4G SIM option (on the advice of the support team)
Unit was easily fitted into dashboard and looks part of the whole console. My questions to support were answered promptly and helped to resolve the issues I came across.

Jimmy Nguyen
Rav4 gen 5 ease of install

Easy to install, just had to swap to the canbus get cameras operational, great unit to expand and upgrade. Plugs are like computer parts, no additional soldiering and wiring required

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