How to Update Firmware

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    1 Download the firmware and MCU (on computer) , and copy them to the empty USB disk

    (Please Note , the files should in Home directory Formatted USB disk , FAT32 )

    2 Plug to USB cable , wait about 5 seconds , it will come out a update notice  . 

    Click wipe data and format the flash

    (you need save your important file from the unit before update the unit ,it will wipe all the data files after update)

    Important Notice : do not power off the unit while updating

    If the steps 3 not happen , you can also go to the unit version , click system update or MCU update


  • Hello anyone with the same problem as mine. I recently installed Dasaita HA225-MAX10-CP, CANBUS008. I have a problem with my 360 view graphics alignment for Nissan Qashqai Ti 2016 model. I tried using different canbus setting but it didn’t work. Your help is highly appreciated.


  • hola , lo he intentado así como dice y me dá error , dice no encontrar archivo o directorio, mi equipo un px6 max 10 con firmware de mayo 2021 y mcu abril 2021

  • Hello. I followed these directions and I was able to update the mcu. However, I am unable to update the system. Any help!?

  • Hallo irgendwie kann ich die Datei nicht finden ( dmcu) Update hab ich runter geladen.. 🤔 Und muss ich es entpacken oder nur die gepackte Datei auf den USB Stick machen 🤷‍♂️ Dankeschön im voraus 

  • Non riesco ad aggiornare il sistema mi rimane per ore su schermata nera

  • Hi, How will I know which is the right MCU update for my HeadUnit. I have a MAX10

  • I'm starting to worry that questions are being ask but not answered.  I am still thinking of buying a dasaita head unit and now worried that the support isn't there 

  • @Vince cuda do you have an specific question to be answered?

  • @Franklyn Thomas Why do you want to upgrade MCU? so you experience a wrong behavior of the unit?

    MCU updates are not so trivial....sometimes a bad MCU update could lead to loss the factory settings and the unit could be malfunctioning.

    MCU updates are more related to new models Can bus integration support, and rarely are included new features to the existing models.

    Anyway, answering to your question....All the MCUs published by Dasaita are COMPATIBLE with all MTCD/MTCE units sold by Dasaita.

    Only the Android ROM must match in android version to the one you have, becacuse upgrading/downgrading Android versions is not a trivial task


  • @cesare dambrosio When upgrading ensure NO OTHER USB is plugged into the system

    try again or force the upgrade from the REcovery Menu.


  • @ruizpal ruizpal asegurate que no tienes otro USB insertado mas que el que tiene la actualizacion

  • Where are the firmware and MCU files located so I can update my head unit?

  • buonasera non riesco ad aggiorare il firmware del mio max 10 in nessun modo.una volta formattata pen drive in fat32 carico i file dmcu e update ma anche se compaiono i messaggi di aggiornamento si blocca all'avvio aggiornamento per errore file.

    Come posso fare?

  • @SALVATORE GIARDINA spero che tu abbia messo il file dezzippato (dmgu.img) no (questo le devi usare per l'aggiornamento del software)

  • @SALVATORE GIARDINA è circa se no oltre un gb

  • @Quick Yuan i was able to update the MCU to 3.78 using your instructions but am trying to install scout and the stereo is not doing anything when I tap on the system update button. I also tried vivid and it's the same problem.  I have a px6 max10 in a 2012 Toyota sequoia. What am I doing wrong?


    Do I need to rename the

  • @Quick Yuan 


    Edit: i renamed the file to "" and the system found it. Only problem is that it won't install it because there is an error "footer is wrong" and "signature is not valid" . I don't know. I guess sill keep trying.

  • @Gilberto Contreras if you open you what is inside?

    Check that there is not other inside the first that case ...extract and use the extracted

  • @Iker Gomez that's exactly what it was. How did that even happen? Thank you so much. You totally saved me from the craziness i was going to try and do to fix it!!! 

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