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  • I'm thinking of buying a unit and I am wondering about their support.  Am I wrong?  There seems to be a lot of questions asked but I am not seeing very many answers.

  • This forum is very recent and lots of softwre related questions due to the last new software implemented (which is constantly updated - two times per month). For the Stock Rom software is more stable (but classic)

    there are other forums (xda-developers) in which these kind of units are involved with lot of community support, overall for the Dasaita ones, as meny people trusted on this brand.


    Support is not perfect, but is the best support is had regarding these kind of units.

    Check xda-developers forums (MTCD units) and see by yourserlf. Lots of complaints regarding other brands lack of support.

    Dasaita is doing a lot of effort for offering a correct customer support and the cration of this platform is one example.


  • Not bad based on my recent experience. I purchased a head unit for my 2017 RAV4 from Amazon and got help I needed from Dasaita. Nicole replied all my messages. The unit was "Ships from Amazon" and "Sold by Dasaita Autoradio". What you need to do is click "Dasaita Autoradio", then click "Ask a question". 

    Hope this helps.

  • I've been waiting for an answer to how can I connect my Dasaita head unit to my Toyota CHR. I've posted here, and mailed office@dasaita.com many times.  They take days, sometimes weeks to even reply, and then ask me a question "is the adaptor not in the box?"!!!

    Not impressed :(  These are premium price head units they are selling - they need to invest more in support.

  • Thank you for your responses 

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