MAX 10 PX6 AHD Camera

  • Hello,

    I have a MAX 10 PX6 1280x720 resolution unit I purchased for my Mitsubishi L200 (Triton). All is good, I had a reverse camera, all worked OK but I have now bought a better AHD reverse camera. It does not work. The camera has a control wire I can cut to lower the resolution, the camera then works, so I suspect the unit either does not support AHD or some setting needs changing for the AHD camera.

    I've checked all the settings I can see, and in Factory settings, and can't see anything. The unit is the same as the one shown in Dasaita 9" IPS Screen Android 10.0 Autoradio For Mitsubishi Triton Car

    I bought it late last year, model number shows as PX6(1280x720).

    Can you tell me the settings I need to change for the AHD camera ? Thanks.


  • @Tony Dunn 

    As far as I know, cutting the wire, the better image (AHD).

    On my wife's Dasaita, cutting the wire from Dasaita AHD camera becomed to sharper and better resolution

    But it worked both cut and uncut.

    Dasaita support confirmed me that for the best image i had to cut the wire.

    On internet i had seen that the control wire must be not cut for ahd, but according to the Dasaita'sintructions , i cut it (PX6 Max10  1280x720)


    Cable cut:

    AHD camera_controlcable_uncut


    Cable uncut:

  • Iker,

    Thanks for your reply. Your reverse image looks really good. With my camera, there is a wire to cut. If I don't cut it the camera should be 1920x1080. If I cut it it drops to 1280x720. But, if I don't cut it I get a garbled image for a second then nothing. If I do cut it I get a really fuzzy image that also seems very narrow. I've seen that on other head units there are settings to choose the video input format for the reverse camera, but I can't see one on this unit. That's what I need I think.

  • @Tony Dunn 

    So your reverse camera is not a Dasaita AHD from other manufacturer...perhaps @Quick Yuan can help you then, as I dont know the supported resolutions or the type of signal is sending your camera to the headunit.


  • @Iker Gomez ,

    No, it was this one :-

    Greenyi 170 Deg Golden Fisheye Lens HD 1920x1080P Install Upside Down Vehicle Reversing Backup Parking Rearview AHD MCCD Camera|Vehicle Camera| - AliExpress

    I'm thinking the camera is not compatible with the unit, but hope I'm wrong !

  • Currently Dasaita's devices only support AHD 720p (1280x720), the reason the image is only displayed for 1 second and then shut off is because you have set your Camera to AHD 1080p mode that Dasaita does not support.

  • Khang, thanks for the info. I had guessed that the problem was the camera. I've since got a new one that performs as expected. Shame it's not made clearer that the AHD support only goes to 1280x720.

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