The black display.

  • Здравейте, купих преди 10 дни dasaita max 10. След 10 дни продуктът не работи. Дисплеят е тъмен, светли само бутони. Не музика, не шум. какво да правя или да ви върна вашия продукт.


  • @Ivaylo Stoykov did you try to reboot the unit?

    Remove the fuse for 30seconds and when it started again check what happens

  • @Iker Gomez yes, I try it. I turn off the fuse. The multimedia worked a few minutes and after that the screen turned off.

  • @Iker Gomez Hello, the multimedia continues to have problems, I would like to return it.  how can i do it.

  • @Ivaylo Stoykov I am not Dasaita ... I can't help you on that. 


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