Dasaita PX30 on 2014 Mazda6 colors distortion

  • My dasaita display colors start acting up. Not sure how to fix it. Please any help

  • @Jose Oliveras Are you sure you didnt try to upgrade MCU or any software upgrade?


  • @Jose Oliveras it seeems a bad connection between the coreboard.... Open your unit and check if all cables and coreboard is well connected,,,,

  • No bad connection or any upgrade. Have been working fine for couple of years, and out of no where colors came like that, freeze and now stop completely working.  Sad part is that is not a cheap radio that cost $200 or $300.  And to last just a few years is absurd.

      I email dasaita and still waiting on response. I liked the radio, but short service, is a no go. 

     If someone knows how to fix this will be appreciated or if dasaita request the radio as an exchange credit too.

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