Toyota C-HR 2017 (Europe) - CANBUS and steering wheel buttons

  • Hi


    I have the EU version of Toyota C-HR 2017 and Dasaita HA5462-Vivid10-CP-HD.

    The phone buttons on my steering wheel don't do anything with the head unit. I'm wondering if this is related to the CANBUS selection in the Settings - Car - Factory settings page, but I don't know what the settings should be.

    Also when I use the "scan keys" setting and press the phone buttons, nothing happens :(

    Attached pic of CANBUS seettings page and steering wheel.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Canbus settings

    Steering wheel

  • @Mr Pink, La configuracion esa de Cambus es correcta, abre en la app de Telefono en Vivid, la cierras y prueba los botones del volante.

    Si no te funcionaran, vete a Ajustes, Aplicaciones, Vivid y en Almacenamiento borra cache y vuelves a probar.

    Espero que esto te ayude.

  • (Google translate): "@Mr Pink, The Cambus configuration is correct, open the Phone app in Vivid, close it and test the buttons on the steering wheel. If they don't work for you, go to Settings, Applications, Vivid and in Storage clear cache and try again. I hope this helps. "

    - Thank you JP - I'll try this :)

  • I tried this and unfortunately no difference - still no action from the phone buttons on the steering wheel :(

  • In additon to this, how can I control which apps the "Mode" button cycles through?  Currently it includes TV-in etc which is not connected....


  • Canbus boxes have a predefined settings for buttons....

    I think you can override this with an option on the factory settings for the swc configuration (I think it is on "others" tab). Changing this setting you can use the swc learning app to assign functions.

    I don't have my unit at I can not check at this moment 

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