After 20220120 Update, Phone Call on car's HUD does not disappear

  • When I receive incoming call, I see the phone caller's number on the car's HUD (screen between the speedometer and tachometer) with a prompt to press a button to answer or hang up.  When I answer the call, it is supposed to dismiss this.  Instead, it is staying on that screen and blocking half the screen until I end the call.  It was not doing this on the December software, seems to be a new bug somehow introduced with the latest software.

    Correct behavior is that item gets dismissed as soon as I answer the call.  Car is 2014 Nissan Rogue

  • I rolled back from the 20220120 firmware to the 20211229 firmware and it was still doing it.  I installed the HCT7 generic firmware ( ) and now it's fixed, so I guess I'll just keep using this firmware.

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