PX6 random black screen problem

  • Hi there,

    I have PX6 2019 for 2.5 years. I used it with Android 9 finally a couple of weeks ago it started showing a black screen randomly. To make it works again I need to turn off the car for a couple of dozens of seconds (turn off ACC) and it starts working again after boot. 

    I flashed different firmware (official max10 and vivid10 and android 10) and upgraded the MCU, but nothing helped. The temperature of the CPU looks good.

    What can I try else or maybe I need to change the motherboard?

    Any suggestions?

    P.S. If the music was playing when the screen goes black, the head unit starts looping the last couple of milliseconds of sound.

  • Just to add some clarification. This is the head unit for Mitsubishi RVR (Outlander Sport). 10.2 inch with DSP and 4g/64gb. Canbus was set to "NO" initially.  

    MCU version is 3.78.

  • If you have a canbus box installed you must configure it on factory settings.

    Try to upgrade your unit with the latest OTA for android 9 available...

  • Thanks for the reply. 

    I do not have canbus box. I tried 9 and 10 androids the behaviour is the same. I tried different firmware and the behaviour is the same too. 
    Now I'm trying to add additional cooling and heatsinks will see if it helps. I noticed, that the problem could appear on high-level volume... Anyways, will see if additional heatsinks for the CPU and amplifier will help. 

    Does anyone know if changing the core board (CPU board) will help? 
    Can any installed app affect the head unit with these symptoms? I have Deezer on it...  

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