Firmware Updates?

  • How do I know if I need to update my firmware on my headuint to make sure I am up to date

  • @MICHAEL VASQUEZ why do you want to update?

    Is anything not working? Are you expecting anything for any possible update? If so tell us what do you expect

  • @Iker Gomez Everything is working perfect. Like most things firmwares can fix bug we dont see and in this case up my OS to 10max. After the update my andriod auto started connecting wirelessly. It never did before.


  • @Iker Gomez  Why would that matter at all! 

    If the company founds problems with there products we the people have every right to use them if they want to!

    And IF their and update available the only thing you need to do is just ask that's it!

    No questin's ask!

  • hi, witch update i can use for this unit ? 

    thank you!

  • Dear , i buy this screen , annd i need please laste update and full version:

  • @Edwin Viruet it matters.

    Updating software is not a 100% of plung and play, and, sometimes things occur. Overall if you are updating the mcu softwre (not the android part). 

    Lot of people ask for updating from Android 9 to Android 10 (just for the feeling to have the most reent version installed), which is not possible in a direct way (you need special tool/knowlegde/special apk (paid)). Sometimes the hardware is not ready for the last Android version.

    yes , dasaita is releasing new formwares constantly as part of the support for their products...But, unfortunately on te last years I see that when HCT (company that makes the stock ROM) fixes something...breaks other thing....and you have to wait for the next release to both things be fixed.

    Nowadays updating implies you want a new softwre looking refreshment or a complete change (like Vivid ROM)...but the question about "how i do know if i need update my unit" is complete nonsense if everything works properly. Perhaps it is needed more Reading about features that work and do not work in forums.


    This is my personal opinion.



  • @Hassan Almutawah Your unit is not a Dasaita unit. ask your seller/manufacturer for support.

  • hi,

    I have dasatia HA5245MAX10-cp-hd this head unit can't connect to the Hot spot of my iphon 12 max pro there is error all the time with check the password  this reasan I can't connect to inrernet could you please help me to fix this problam?

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