Dadaista max10 crash

  • Hi, I have problems with my dasaita max 10, has last MCU and firmware, but continue to go in crash with reboot this link can see video with the problem

    Can help someone to understand because happen? Thanks



  • It looks like it doesnt like your alternative launcher - make a factory reset and try it with the stock Max10 launcher.

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    @Pasquale Barbarossa thanks for video , can understand the problem , yes please try with latest firmware

    MAX10 Version:HA3_rk3399_10.0_ota(20211015)

  • @Quick Yuan Hi Yuan, ready use the firmware you suggest, my personal opinion after some testing should be the can-bus, because if remove the radio from car and use just the 12V power the crash not happen. If install in the car, can work some days and after the radio crash. Reset not change the status and the problem is not clear what cause it.

  • @Pasquale Barbarossa 

    When you installed the firmware did you checked the option for wiping data?

    If not try with that

    If you already did and still.crashing with STOCK launcher (not.other launcher) then check which canbus is selected on factory settings....check with dasaita if the selection is correct and try to put none and check if crashes again with no canbus selection

  • @Pasquale Barbarossa : have you installed AGAMA lancher?

    I have almost the same problem: all APP crash. It seems that happen after installed AGAMA

    Same problem with FW HA3_rk3399_10.0_ota(20211227) and previous one.

    Moreover, sometime the tables doesn't start.

    I have altreary tried HARD reset, inclusing wipe any kind of data

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