vivid 11 to max 10

  • I just bought android unit recently for my 2016 toyota highlander i got vivid 11 want to upgrade to max 10 can help me how to set up the firmware? thanks

  • @Allan Ramos That is not upgrade is a downgrade, as you want to go down to Android 10 based ROM from Android 11 based ROM.

    That is not possible witht the OTA upgrades available.

    You can stay on Android 11, but if you prefer the stock ROM you can upgrade to the latest MAX11 available OTA upgrade from the Firmware section of this forum


  • @Iker Gomez HI is there a way to upgrade from Scout android 10 to Max10 or Max11?

  • @Francisco A you can move within the same android version from vivid to max or scout. But not from differnre android versions (OTA files are not for that purpose and you can experience boot issued if try)

  • @Iker Gomez I understand.  But how do I get to try vivid 10 since i'm android scout 10.

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